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The efficient solution for personnel matters: Master Vendor.

Master Vendor: coordination with you on-site

The Alptekin Personnel Service from Aschaffenburg is your contact for all processes related to personnel planning, procurement and selection. The Master Vendor process is a part of our services and relieves you of the administrative burdens of your company  thanks to our experts taking over responsibility for it. Learn more below about this process and how it can benefit you.

Master Vendor: flexible response options and an expert on-site

Many companies today do not work with just one, but with several personnel service providers. This enables them to respond promptly and precisely to short-term challenges such as peak workloads or unexpected staff shortages. But the coordination involved often requires a lot of time. Accordingly, company management often has to communicate with different contact persons at several different service providers, determine the right personnel requirements for different areas, and supervise and train temporary workers who have been newly added to the company. This takes time, which you cannot invest in your core business.

We remove your burdens in this area with our Master Vendor principle. Here we provide you with a contact person who will take care of all the administrative tasks in the field of temporary work for you - and this on your own site. As a result you benefit from short communication channels, flexible response options and an expert who knows both your company and can estimate the processes involved with the personnel market.

The on-site management concept: coordination directly inside the company

The Alptekin Personnel Service has been active in the field of personnel services for many years. Through our service-oriented activities, we have not only acquired a high level of experience and expertise, but have also over time developed a satisfied customer base.

Our approach is always to be able to offer companies customised, flexible and efficient solutions, and to act with them on an equal basis. What we offer also includes on-site management services. In doing so, we provide you with a contact person who acts directly within your company and consequently is always available to you. It is crucial that this coordinator is well acquainted with your business and the operations in your company, and knows what to look for in order to find the right people for each activity. In this way, he is able to plan, carry out and check all the processes which arise within the context of temporary staffing in your company, and to check their efficiency.

Gain a decisive competitive advantage by using on-site management

By integrating a Master Vendor into your company, you facilitate your own processes in different areas, because you can outsource them. This allows you to focus on your core tasks and competencies and to take your personnel planning to a whole new results-oriented level. By providing you with an expert who has a sound understanding of your business and who is a professional in the recruitment industry, you can avoid costly and time-consuming experiments with potentially unsuitable personnel. Furthermore, the local contact person not only undertakes planning and coordinating tasks, but also takes care of the provision and implementation of training measures for new personnel, and the introduction, in a competent and careful manner, of  temporary workers to their relevant fields of activity. Meanwhile, your company saves time and receives optimally prepared and ideally suited employees for every work area.


The Master Vendor principle: personnel leasing from one single source

Master Vendor represents a special form of on-site management, meaning that you have a single point of contact who will take complete charge of coordinating and controlling all the tasks involved in recruiting temporary personnel. Accordingly we offer you more than just personnel leasing, and are your strategic partner in finding suitable and qualified staff.

The contact person provided by us acts as the “main supplier” on your behalf and handles the communication and coordination required with different personnel service providers. This not only simplifies the contact paths, but also unifies the processes involved. This includes all the processes from orders to resource planning to billing. You have at your disposal a centrally responsible person who bundles and controls all the services provided by external personnel service providers, thereby reducing your costs and improving the quality in your various fields of activity.


Our services at a glance

For our clients we offer a variety of key credit points necessary for effective on-site management. This includes, among other things, the conception of the complete requirements planning for your company as well as the organisation and provision of all the temporary workers needed by your company. In order to provide you with the right specialist personnel for each work area, the Master Vendor prepares a detailed and comprehensive qualifications catalogue which can identify the skills and knowledge which applicants must possess in order to work in your organisation. Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out training in advance, such as with regard to specific procedures, working materials, programmes or product areas. You may also assign the responsibility for this to our contact person. Moreover, he will directly incorporate the new employees into your company. He will always be on-site so as to be available to answer any questions or to coordinate requirements in a timely manner. Consequently coordination is efficient and uncomplicated. The areas of reporting and controlling are also the responsibility of the Master Vendor.

Flexibility and efficiency for your business due to the Master Vendor

With on-site management, you can simplify the complex area of personnel leasing and temporary work, and put all those tasks in the hands of a seasoned expert who knows your business well and is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the job market. With the assistance of third-party coordination at your location, you can design processes flexibly and in a  performance-oriented manner. You have a central, direct contact, with whom you may clarify all matters directly. You do not have to communicate with the different people in charge and spend time coordinating different parties - if for instance you employ several temporary workers through different personnel service providers. The quality control for the processes is carried out by a specialist, and productivity and flexibility are significantly increased by the on-site management. Furthermore, you benefit from the advantages of temporary employment and are able to respond quickly to any fluctuations in orders and production peaks. Individual personnel planning is also made much easier by the Master Vendor concept.

Master Vendor - your concept for efficient work processes

As a personnel service provider we at Alptekin are your competent partner for all questions which may arise regarding the hiring out of temporary staff. In the context of on-site management we provide you with a qualified specialist who will take care of the extensive tasks involved with personnel deployment planning, procurement and support. You coordinate everything with one person and can thus create an increased level of flexibility and efficiency in your company. Regardless of whether you are placing an advertisement, processing applications, billing or controlling - your expert for temporary employment from our company will take care of all these tasks for you and will be available to you as an expert at any time. As a result you increase your quality, reduce the effort and minimise risks, as the mistakes made in hiring inappropriate personnel are avoided.

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Individual solutions from Alpektin Personalservice

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